Where on Earth did June go?  It seems like it was just the beginning of June yesterday, and here we are, ready to celebrate the Fourth of July already.  Sheesh.  Summer goes by way to quickly.  
I've been a busy little worker bee this summer so far.  Big things are happening here at the cottage.  As I type, the lovely gentlemen from the heating and air company are making a rather large amount of noise taking out my very old (24 years old to be exact) furnace and air conditioning units so that we can have brand new ones ... yay!  It will be so nice, since the A/C has been struggling so hard the last few weeks to keep up with the nearly 100 degree temperatures around here.  It's been miserable.  
The Bella is very upset about the noise and is currently hiding upstairs.  
On top of that, we are almost done putting in our new front porch!  A wonderful friend from work has been coming over and doing most of the work while I am learning things.  It's going to be great!

Now for c…

Friday Vibes

Today is a lovely day.  It is Friday, and I am home.  I attended a meeting virtually this morning, which is just one more reason that I feel so lucky to have the job I have, and to live in this era - when we don't have to be physically in a place in order to participate in a meaningful way. 

I'm also loving that I can work today from my front room, which has recently been updated to be a more functional workspace. 
So I can look out the windows as I work and enjoy the view of my lovely neighborhood.  
The summer seems to be flying by, and I feel like I still have so many things that I want to get done.  I have been working  a lot the last couple of weeks, so I've been away from home, but we've been able to do a few things in the short hours we've both been around and not sleeping.  
We hosted a dinner for some friends that turned into just a perfect day of visiting and dogs playing and good food:

And we've done some work to make the house more presentable. Most…

Halting Start

I keep starting a post and then stopping because I feel like I have nothing to say. 

Summer semester has started, and I was "off" for a week or so.  I say it in quotes, because pretty much every single day I fielded at least one phone call, responded to several email chains, and I finished and submitted a fairly substantial project all in that week that I was home.  So, it was more like a "work from home" week than anything.

But the upside to working from home is that in between those things, I was able to do home-type things.  So after catching up on emails, I went and played in the garden:

It still needs some work, obviously - some annuals for color while the bulbs hibernate and a bunch of mulch, but not bad for a couple days' work.  For reference, see this post for what it looked like last year.
And in between phone calls, I would work on crafting!
I started with this commissioned project - a little shark lovie for a friend's daughter.  She has one now t…

Almost at the Finish Line...

For work, that is.  I'm an incredibly lucky human to have a job with some down time in the summer.  I don't get the whole summer "off" as I do have lots of work that needs to get done over the summer, but I get some time away from the office, more flexibility to work from  home, and really, some days when I can actually tune out and pretend work doesn't exist.  Summer is magical.

Ok so this is totally cheating because it's from last summer in Ireland, but still... see the magic of summer?
For many of my colleagues, summer started last week, when the Spring semester ended.  I've been watching their social media posts from beaches and mountains and envying them all.  But I have been here for my students, helping them find last-minute classes for the summer and working on projects that will make life easier for them in the time to come.

But man, am I ready.  The sky outside my office window is the most brilliant blue, and the sunshine is warm without being h…


So I missed the actual new moon this month, but I'm determined not to miss a post.  I don't have a lot to report, since April is the worst month for getting anything that isn't work done.  End of the year.  Graduation. Projects that just have to be finished before summer starts.  It's nuts.

So here is my meager progress.  I decided to start my tree over since I didn't love the way it was working up, so my jar is all black threads this month:

Also on display is my new needle minder, which is a little tiny book and I love it. And a lady bug.  But let's focus on the needle minder.  I bought two:

Aren't they the cutest?
In other news, I started a new knitting project - a super fussy intarsia blanket.  It's a super duper secret, so I'll just show a photo of the back so you can see the fussiness: And that's my life right now.  Black ORTs and all the bobbins.  
Oh, and the floor ate my sock: But the semester is over next week and hopefully it'll ac…

Socks, Trains, Celebrations, and Prezzies

Last time I posted, we were heading off on our 1-year anniversary mini-break. We realized that our anniversary will always fall somewhere near our spring break, so it is a perfect opportunity to get away and enjoy some spring sunshine... take some hikes, go horseback riding... or so we thought...

This happened on Tuesday.  And while it was beautiful, it made going outside to do things more challenging.
It really was very beautiful, though. 
So instead of hiking, we rode a train through the woods. It was supposed to be this historic scenic train ride, but it was basically a straight line through some woods and then back along the same track.  Since there was nothing new to see on the way back, I started a sock: Then we spent the evening reading books and drinking wine: The hotel had lovely little sitting areas sprinkled throughout.  We brought a bottle of the wine that was served at our wedding (our version of the cake top) and it was a celebration.
The next day we drove over to the o…

March TUSAL!

Happy New Moon again! 

This month's update brings slightly less progress than the last.  I haven't had a lot of good stitching time in the past few weeks, and those moments when I've had time I've been so wiped out that concentration has been limited.  So I have spent more time on knitting, because it is easier to zone out on, and even that I haven't finished much...

But, I have two jars to share today:

Here's the progress on my big project.  I really wanted to be able to share a page finish with you all today, but sadly it was not to be.  So close, yet so far.

And my little jar this month comes from and old WIP that I pulled out.  It's a Tree of Life pattern that I got on Etsy forever ago.  I started it for a friend a few years ago, and as it was working up I realized that it was not the right fit for that friend.  So I put it away and moved on. Then a couple weeks ago I was talking to another friend who is going through a rough patch, and I wanted to do s…